How to get free SSL for lifetime using cloudflare

How to get free SSL for lifetime using cloudflare

Having SSL security certificate for sites has become mandatory as users are coming more aware of their security and even modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox show danger sign to users visiting unsecure sites. But SSL can be a good investment for someone starting new website or blog and has no potential earning from website. So here is a simple way you can use to easily secure website for free and also improve site loading speed through caching technologies of Cloudfalre

Steps to add free SSL Certificate using cloudflare

  1. Visit Cloudflare | Web Performance & Security and sign up for free Cloudflare account.

2. Next Login to your cloudflare account and you will be taken to dashboard. On Dashboard click on Add New Site

3. Enter your Site URL on next step

4. Select the Free plan at end and click on Continue

5. In next step you will see all your DNS records and click continue at end.

6 This step is most important. In this step cloudflare will guide you to change nameservers to the cloudflare ones. As in screenshot. After you have changed nameservers . Click on check nameservers.

7. In next step, Step 1. improve security and enable https (SSL on your site) and Save it.

In 2nd step enable always use HTTPS to always force secure version of website to users.

In next steps you can use cache and minify service of cloudflare if you prefer and click on Get Started.

Now you are all set with your site all secure SSL without any cost and free for lifetime. This is great for small websites and startups who don’t want to spend on SSL now. Give it a try and I am sure it’s gonna be easy to setup. If you face any issues let me know your in comments section.