How to use Ubersuggest step by step Guide?

Ubersuggest is one of the most popular SEO tool for Digital Marketing experts and website owners being extensively used. It is available in both free and paid versions. It is powered by SEO expert Niel Patel who is idol for many SEO experts all around world. But the free version of Ubersuggest is enough for one starting to work on his `website SEO and find competion’s SEO advantage. It provides tools like Domain Overview, Find Top SEO Pages and Keywords, Keyword Suggestions, Content Ideas – To write content that can get your more pageviews and backlinks. So here is a simple step by step how you can use Ubersuggest to boost all power of SEO and make your website generate more views and income for you.


Table of Contents

1. Visit Ubersuggest here and click on sign in


2. Now sign in using Google or Email as you feel comfortable. I would recommend using Sign in with Google as it’s easy to remember and login again.

3. After successful Sign in / Register you will be redirected to Ubersuggest Dashboard and we will click on New Project to create our first project.


4. It will open popup which will ask you various details like Website Name and URL . Enter your website name like FULLSTACKNEWS and URL like

Next it will ask your Location where you want to target your SEO . You can enter upto 3 locations. Locations can be from country to state or even more unique

Now in next step it asks for our Target keywords. We can use various tools like Keywordtool to search for keywords using your niche keywords and find ones which are in more demand and searched. Enter keywords in this steps and click next. Please see screenshot for reference.


In next steps you need to add your 2 comeptition domain names which you think are best in your niche and you might want to compare your SEO with them and also find what techniques they use or their SEO rankings for each keywords.


In next step Just go with default and click on Next button

In last step Ubersuggest asks if you need their paid support to SEO. As we are just starting we will say NO and just click on No

Now we are all set to see our dashboard and see our SEO data on Ubersuggest and explore all it’s options

1.  On Dashboard you will see summary of all your Website SEO like Backlinks, Organic Monthly traffic, tracked kewords and tracked competitions (Added while adding project). You can also switch to Summary and detailed view at top left of dashboard.


2. Rank Tracking – It provides you way to overview your website ranking based on keywords you entered and particular timezone. It mainly shows you below 3 stats

(1) Average Position – It means average position for all your tracked keywords.

(2) Ranking Distribution – It shows tracked keywords according to position in Google like 1-3, 4-10, 11-50 and 51+

(3) Visibility Trend – It means how much your tracked keywords are getting search volume  and how much traffic you are getting from them. The higher the score more the traffic.

We can also select date period for our rankings. Also we can see each keyword position and search volume in table named TRACKED KEYWORDS (you can also add more keywords or export them).


3. Keyword Overview – This tool helps you search for particular keyword and get all it’s detail like Search Volumes, SEO Difficulty, Paid Difficulty and Cost per click. 

(1) SEO Difficulty – It means how hard it is to rank for this word using Organic SEO. Higher the number more efforts you will need to do for SEO

(2) Paid Difficulty – It means how hard it is to rank in PPC Ads or simple words in Google Ads.

(3) Cost Per Click (CPC) – It means cost per click for running Google Ads on this keyword.

It also shows graph below showing volumes of particular keyword in recent times.

4. Keyword Ideas – This is one of the best tool if you want to find related keywords for your niche. It gives various keyword ideas with it’s trend, volumes, CPC and other factors. It also divides itself into categories like Questions, Prepositions, Comparisions and other keyword types. Using this tool one can easily find most searched keyword and give their content great title for posts and pages.

5. Content Ideas – This tool provide you finding various good articles across web for the keyword. So you can read them and get ideas to write content for your blog.  It also shows Estimated visits on that page from the particular keyword and backlinks that page has got. We can also see backlinks for that page by clicking links. It shows list of all backlinks which we can try to get once we write our post for that keyword. So it helps us in both content and backlinks which is the most important part of SEO.


Tools for Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis can used to get details of like competitors traffic, keywords they rank and top pages of their website. You just need to enter competitior domain and search.

1. Traffic Overview – It shows no. of organic visitors graph for the domain according to time. So you can see how the competitor is doing in period of time.

2. Keywords by traffic – It helps you find keywords for which competitor domain ranks and how many visits it get from each keywords. It also shows total volumes of that keyword, Position in Google for that keyword and SEO Difficulty. We can get keyword ideas for which we need to work on our site from this tool easily.

We can also export all keywords in CSV to use it in our SEO easily.

3. Top Pages By traffic – It shows you top pages of competitor domain in Google and also give details for each page like Est. Visits and Backlinks that particular page has. We can find great content ideas using tool by visiting links and getting ideas from our competitors.

4. Similar Websites – As the name suggest this tool gives lists of similar websites as of competitors which we can than use to analyze by Competitive Analysis for more keywords or backlink ideas.