Linux Mint 20: 5 Reasons Why Linux Mint Is The Best

Linux Mint 20 is an aesthetically good looking, stable, and beginner-friendly operating system that anyone can use as a daily driver. It comes in three editions offering one of the most lightweight desktop environments: Cinnamon, Xfce, and MATE.

The Interface

The desktop is beautiful and comes with a vast array of stylish and user-friendly tools. You will be able to find a plentiful amount of software. Everything from the most basic to the most complicated will be available. From the terminal to VLC, GIMP, LibreOffice, and many more. One of the biggest improvements to this release is the smoother scrolling of the window when swiping, thanks to the launchpad. A welcome change indeed, since it was one of the most problematic areas on Linux Mint in previous releases. Mint Software, the developers behind Linux Mint, have also worked hard to make it an even more reliable and better supported distribution, which I strongly believe they have done. All of the existing problems that plagued Linux Mint in its previous releases have been fixed.


Cinnamon and Xfce are extremely basic desktop environments that look nice but lack in usability. However, Mint’s MATE is the one Linux distribution that shines above its competition. MATE is one of the most beautiful desktop environments out there, so much so that users argue that it’s better than the highly popular GNOME desktop environment.


When it comes to desktop environments and operating systems, stability matters. It matters a lot when you are installing a new operating system. Even more so, when you are installing a desktop operating system and adding software. Linux Mint has long been known for being stable, and it offers the latest updates straight from Canonical. Its user experience is a great combination of lightning fast responsiveness and longer-term support. For example, Linux Mint 18.1 has been upgraded to Linux kernel 4.8. It has a month-to-month rollback policy. It is developed by Canonical and supported for six years. The latest Linux Mint is build upon the same kernel and offers the same features as its predecessor. You can see the entire upgrade process in this video.


When the average computer user begins to use Linux, they typically opt for Ubuntu, which has a very intuitive UI. Ubuntu also offers a ton of apps out of the box, which is great for a first-time user. However, Ubuntu has its drawbacks in that it’s pretty slow compared to more modern distros, and it doesn’t offer easy access to the most common graphical tools like GIMP, Photos, or Sound Recorder. It also isn’t known for having a very customizable desktop layout, though you can easily tailor it to your liking by adjusting the wallpapers and changing some parts of the layout. Mint has taken it upon itself to make Linux Mint easier for beginners to use. It has preinstalled a lot of apps that you would typically need to have on Ubuntu and gives you access to them from the command line.

LTS (Long Term Support)

Linux Mint 20 – Cinnamon Mint 20 is powered by the Linux kernel 4.15 and comes with support for HiDPI (High DPI) displays. On top of that, Cinnamon 4.8, which is the latest Cinnamon desktop environment, has improved features such as configuration of the desktop switcher and theme manager, implementation of full hardware detection and support for Amazon Alexa voice commands for system control. Linux Mint 19: 5 Reasons Why Linux Mint Is The Best Linux Mint 18.1: 5 Reasons Why Linux Mint Is The Best Mint 17.3: 5 Reasons Why Linux Mint Is The Best Linux Mint 17 (and previous) were based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr). Linux Mint 19 has been based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) and it doesn’t have a solid release date yet.

Why Linux Mint is the best?

I love Linux Mint so much. I used the previous version for three years and this is my third version of Linux Mint, and I plan to use it for years to come. Here are five reasons why Linux Mint is the best Linux distribution on the planet. Long-term support (LTS) editions are long-term proven The Linux Mint team guarantees the maintenance and security of their LTS editions for 5 years. They won’t drop support after 5 years unless something horrible happens. By the time a long-term LTS is discontinued, all things related to it will be a distant memory. Mint’s LTS has always been a great option because it guarantees stability for a long time. Just take a look at the Ubuntu LTS, the best LTS edition: 10 years old with support still going strong.


According to, Linux Mint can be recommended if you have the need for speed, are looking for a free operating system, or are looking for a quality desktop environment. It offers a wealth of tools for beginners and it is good to use as a production environment.