Top WordPress plugins to increase Site speed

Do you want your WordPress site to load quickly or want to decrease your bounce rate due to a slow Website? The open-source platform of Website provides various options to optimize your website and that also absolutely free of cost. Yea that’s the beauty of WordPress. I am recommending the above plugins from my personal experience as WordPress Developer and based on that I am picking Best 4 plugins for Site Optimization on WordPress free of cost.

Best WordPress Plugins for Site Speed Optimization

Best WordPress Plugins to Speed Up Website

1. Autoptimize

On top of our list is Autoptimize, I personally use it for my own websites for clients and even this blog. I love it’s features and simplicity of using. There is no complexity and it provides everything from Minification, Lazy Loading, Fix Javascript rendering, Image Optimizer, webp images for web, caching and much more. It always provides good results and high page speed scores. But the best part is it works with every theme/page builder and doesn’t mess up while you are optimizing the website. So you can stay confident that your site doesn’t mess up.

As you can see in above Gallery. It provides 3 tabs :

  • JS, CSS & HTML : This tab includes all settings for JS,CSS and HTML minification with advanced options like Javascript Defer and Inline/Defer CSS.
  • Images: In images, you get option to enable lazy load. It also provides options to serve images via Shortpixel CDN for free. It also gives options to serve next-gen Webp images. The above options combined lead to great page speed and loading times for website.
  • Extras: In Extras, you get advanced options to manage google fonts loading, remove WordPress images, async javascript and other advanced settings for advanced users.

2. JCH Optimize

JCH Optimize is the second plugin in our list. It also offers all the Site speed techniques like Caching, Minify HTML, CSS and JS, Image minimizing HTTP requests, Lazy Load, and Sprites.

JCH Optimize provides several levels for optimization like Intermediate, Average, Optimum from which users can choose and get desired Page speed.

We recommend keeping Deluxe as Automatic Settings because Premium and Optimum settings usually breaks the website and are not recommended. Please always use backups before you optimize the website. You can use All in One Migration to take backup and restore your WordPress Website.

More Optimization plugins that need a mention

I am a Web Developer working in technologies like WordPress, Laravel, Codeigniter, Core PHP, Node JS, and jQuery. I love sharing my knowledge through this blog. Please share your thoughts on this and also ask any doubts you have in comments.